Al Mazaya School

Introduction about Al Mazaya School

Al Mazaya private school established on 1/07/2005. The founder of the school Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Bin Sagar Al Nahyan, attribute a big achievement in the teaching of private sectors in the emirate of Sharjah.

The Location:

Al Mazaya School located at unique site which reflects a comfortable atmosphere and easy transportation access and the school surrounded by a green gardens and quite neighborhood.

The Completion of the school:

Al Mazaya School comprises of two sections: section for boy students and section for girls students, and two sport yards, one with 600 square meters for boys to play, basket ball, football and hand ball, another one with 300 square meters for girls to play the same.

School Contents:

Seventy class rooms

Three Laboratories for general Science

Two laboratories for computers

One huge library with 60 S/M

One Perfect medical clinic with all necessary equipments 

Two gym halls.

Four rooms for the teaching body divided into two sections – two rooms for men's and Girls.

Four rooms for administrators, equipped with all equipment.

One Control secured room. 

Two separated playing area for boys and girls.

Eight toilets, each toilet with five w/c 4 for girls and 4 for boys.

Two toilets for the teaching body. 

Nine busses owned by the school in good condition working in two shifts.

Three hundred sixty students are using these buses.

Al MAzaya School Mission Vision Values:

Al Mazaya School: Aims to keep on the strong relationship between students and teachers which built on respect and trust. Al Amzaya School is going to be a national class brand because we pay effort and superior teaching for our accordance with the values we have obtained in the past.

The School Policy: 

The Chairman of the School said: Look always forward and keep up with innovations, there is always a way that is better that yours and don’t give up and find the best.

Al Mazaya School Environment policy complies with existing laws and regulations on environment protection therefore, the staff members pay due diligence to the procedures related with environment protections.


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