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Pre-Engineered  Constructions  Portacabin-The  concept

Pre-Engineered Construction Building and Portacabin (PECBP) has become the leading material solution for non-residential facilities construction program through out the United State and presently the concept is growing in the Middle East, most especially in Gulf region. The construction industry in Gulf countries had welcomed the concept of (PECBP), as there are various positive aspects, when compared with traditional construction.

Why a Steel Building System?

A steel building system offers significant cost and performance advantages over conventional construction methods. With system construction, each part is engineered and designed to assemble together. So, a steel building system can be built with greater speed and precision than is generally possible using conventional methods.

When you add the extensive design options available with a steel building system, the decision becomes even easier to make.

The advantages of steel-systems construction and metal roof systems include:

Faster installation

Lower lifecycle costs for greater return on investment\

Compelling sustainability attributes

Virtually unlimited design flexibility

Blue Mark Contracting & General Maintenance LLC-Brief Introduction

Blue Mark Contracting and General Maintenance LLC (BM) is a general contracting company in which specialized in the pre-engineered steel building systems, the company is keen on providing service to industrial, commercial and residential sectors in a high quality and cost effective applications. Blue Mark has recently started its operations in Abu Dhabi as a Joint Venture Business association with various companies and establishment. Blue Mark is MABANI STEEL certified builder in United Arab Emirates.

Subsidiary Companies:

Eastern Housing Factory Ltd. Company in Saudi Arabia which is specialized in PORTACABIN SECTOR and has executed in the last 20 years various prestigious projects in Saudi Arabia.

The company has impressive and proven track records in Construction of variety of buildings, including office buildings, commercial buildings, and huge warehouses etc. The company focuses and leverages on its excellent services and qualities during its past operations in Saudi Arabia. Drawing on our project Designing, management skills, technical capabilities and high level of trust from our valued clients acquired over many years, we provide complete solutions for the project, starting from Designing, Civil construction, steel structural erection and are proud to be one of the leading contractors in Saudi Arabia.

Having gathered vast experience in the line of construction, Portacabin works and with its roaring success in Saudi Arabia, the company has started its operations in Abu Dhabi to participate with the ongoing developments of the Country.

Quality Control & Assurance Plan

Company maintains Quality Assurance Plan, which will be implemented for each individual project the Company is handling and covering the aspect of work involved with each project. The QA/QC plans are based on the corporate Manual and adapted to suit each Client's requirements in accordance with contract conditions. This will enable integration within the Company QA Systems and allows for greater control in implementation. QA plans include project organization structure, coordination and operational procedures, with concerned authorities and responsibility scheme for all stages of the project.

The Company operates and maintains strict Quality Control System and procedures for all projects. This system clearly includes detailed inspection and test plans and procedures, matching with the project specification and requirements.

All the plans and procedures are regularly monitored and audited, both at the project and corporate levels to ensure compliance with contractual requirements. Regular meets of the quality officers are conducted in the presence of Clients and Consultants in order to review the Quality aspects and to adopt positive views.

Safety – HS & E

The Company follows guidelines of its HS & E Policy and implements procedures detailed in this HS&E Manual. During the past years of operations, the Company has gained recognition from Clients and Authorities due to the Company's ability to fulfill its contractual obligations towards its clients as well as the ability to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for its personnel and visitors.

It is the Company's policy to take every practical initiative to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for its personnel, through training and by issuing specific preventive instructions throughout the duration of the project.

The Company Policy also Includes:

Organize and arrange its affairs to ensure compliance with HS&E Policy.

Safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all its employees while in the Company's employ, as far as is reasonably practicable, within a healthy and safe working environment.

Recognize  and  fulfill  its  obligations  towards  all  environmental  protection  and reinstatement issues within the workspace of its undertakings.

Ensure appropriate HS&E training programs and instructions are provided for all work methodologies and equipment usage, highlighting accident prevention measures.

Maintain regular advertisements and other appropriate presentations to sustain awareness on accident prevention and HS&E risks for all personnel.

Take  into  account,  when  planning  work,  any  aspects  that  will  help  eliminate HS&E risks.

Recognize and reward achievements.

Our Mission

The company has made an internal resolution to grow and develop to face the challenging construction  needs of  the UAE. The company will be  focusing on  the ongoing developments in the country and the concentration point in the coming year will be on pursuing further growth, improving the efficiency, continuing it success and to achieve goals.


To be Nation's leading consultant engineers that provides value based services with a focus on client satisfaction and cost optimize. We are dedicated to build a positive relationship to our customers by understanding our clients needs and provide them all the services for their projects. Following are the services offered:


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