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Introduction about Home4us

The aim of Home 4 Us is to provide all partners with opportunity of running their own business on the basis of cooperative collaboration mutual compensation PEN (Partnership Enterprise Network) and the project will be performed in cooperation with industries and business enterprises for win-win benefit to all the participators.   Home 4 Us services will bring you the business opportunities you request and the real projects you wish to do with professional partners, at the detail level you aim to reach giving you the opportunity to save countless hours of research, manpower and time consuming work for collection of business information and critical projects data as well as performance of marketing and sales with the right staff.   Home 4 Us partnership and cooperation with leading companies enables Home 4 Us to implement projects successfully. Home 4 Us has access to potential clients and arranges the best products and technology combined with the possible financing arrangement, thus ensuring optimal solution to the partners.  Home 4 Us will provide you with access to markets in the area of construction & industrial project, Joint ventures, partnership, General contract, marketing, sales, procurement, distribution and financing.  Our Principles for Cooperation  The client is number one.   Responsibility in front the client Confidence is our standard service Objectivity on the marketing data   Smooth communication High technology transfer Business promotion through training and technology innovation.

Project Management Services  Fully comprehensive project management services are provided where required.  These management services can also be provided in support of a client's management team. 

These services include: 

•Project planning and control

•Cost monitoring and cost control

•Progress monitoring and chasing

•Supervision, checking and technical approval of contractors' 

•Designs and shop drawings     

•Technical audits

•Quality assurance, works inspections and tests

•Contract administration

•Training of operating personnel

Investment  Home 4 Us is a consulting company specializing in International Strategic Business Consulting.   We provide assistance planning and implementing trade and foreign investments strategies in the Scandinavian countries. We can help your business prosper by acting on international opportunities while limiting your risks and providing international expertise as well as local knowledge.   Through our joint ventures contract, we also initiate and manage international management solutions from and to those regions.   Home 4 Us provides its clients with the on-the-ground expertise necessary to conduct business through an experienced team of consultants and an extensive network of contacts in the public and private sector.

About Us  Success of business depends upon marketing and sales. A good deal of products developed and launched by small and medium companies. However, some of them find themselves either living in the risk of economical difficulties for a fairly good period or facing bankruptcy and disappeared due to failure of sales.  HOME 4 US also knows that many small & medium scale companies suffer from a lack of right partners. The investment in unsuitable projects and procurement of the wrong equipment and systems, all or some of which can lead to failure and bankruptcy.   In our strategic policy, we (HOME 4 US) are planning to offer the following services and supports;  Investment analysis and procurement procedures very professionally on the point of project management, engineering necessities and marketing situation.  Service package for clients planning new projects or expansion of existed plant and facilities as well as new product development. The aim of this service package is to minimize risk of investment and procurement resulting not only from a lack of professional workers, engineering capability and comparable source of supply for the necessary facility and materials but also from the prejudiced recommendation by non-professionals,  use of improper technology, choice of wrong partners, selection of unsuitable equipment, and etc. HOME 4 US  understands that one of the most important factors for success is the right selection of product and equipment through professional staff covering diversified technology and services.   As it is not easy to secure the professional staff covering different specialized fields for the new and high technology projects, HOME 4 US is offering utilization of its business coordinators who can provide feasible studies, know-how, engineering & business services and training for the success of project.   HOME 4 US services will answer the investment and procurement support needs to give you objective and correct direction for procurement of right equipment, selection of partner, and minimized investment with maximum effects, training for qualified staff, continuous support for quality control and products improvement, development of marketing strategy, sales and after sales service for the final success of project and maximization of profit.  Home 4 Us provides clients with the on-the-ground expertise necessary to conduct business through an experienced team of consultants and an extensive network of contacts in the public and private sector.


To be Nation's leading consultant engineers that provides value based services with a focus on client satisfaction and cost optimize. We are dedicated to build a positive relationship to our customers by understanding our clients needs and provide them all the services for their projects. Following are the services offered:


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